King Plastic Introduces the New and Improved King Hy-Pact®, The Super Tough Industrial Polymer Sheet

Snow Plow King Hy-Pact®North Port, Florida, October 15, 2015 – King Plastic Corporation, a leading manufacturer of polymer sheets, slabs and massive shapes introduces King Hy-Pact®, the super tough industrial polymer sheet that is environmentally stabilized with excellent physical properties and is a cost effective material.

Tests have shown after 2,000 hours of UV exposure, King Hy-Pact outperforms both UV stabilized HDPE and UHMW with superior toughness in wear resistance, flexibility and high-impact strength. Compared to competing materials, King Hy-Pact can save 25% to 30% in material costs. It has a clean white color with a smooth, non-skived finish for better material flow. Applications for King Hy-Pact include, but are not limited to, food processing chutes, star wheels, machine products, snowplow blades, and dock fenders.

“We are very excited to offer a new and improved product called King Hy-Pact®, said Michael Fabbri, National Sales Manager. King Hy-Pact® will allow us to compete against UHMW for outdoor applications because of its superior UV characteristics over UHMW and superior wear resistance over HDPE. This is another example of King Plastic’s innovation.”

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About King Plastic Corporation
Founded in 1968, King Plastic Corporation is a leading manufacturer of quality polymer sheets, slabs and massive shapes – including several products pioneered by the company. Its polymers are sold worldwide through a network of plastics distributors and markets in marine, architectural, healthcare, signage, industrial, food service and many other markets. The company headquarters is a 250,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in North Port, FL.