King Plastic Introduces King MediGrade® To Healthcare Design Market

King MediGrade Patient Exam Room Case GoodsNorth Port, Florida, October 15, 2015 – King Plastic Corporation, a leading manufacturer of polymer sheets, slabs and massive shapes introduces King MediGrade®, the antimicrobial polymer building sheet for healthcare applications. King MediGrade® combines designer colors, durability, and antimicrobial technology into one polymer sheet to bring architects and designers to the next level in healthcare design.

King MediGrade® is a super tough polymer building sheet with an advanced antimicrobial technology for protecting the product surface against stain and odor causing bacteria, algae and fungi. Studies have shown that surfaces with the antimicrobial technology can inhibit the amount of certain product-damaging bacteria by 99.9999%* compared to an untreated surface.

“The antimicrobial additive is bonded at the molecular level at the very beginning of our proprietary K-Stran™ production process, keeping it from ever leaching out of the product,” said Michael Fabbri, National Sales Manager. “This permanently protects the polymer sheet, which means the antimicrobial agent retains its effectiveness throughout the life of the product. When customers fabricate and install our products, the fresh surfaces they create are fully antimicrobial. If heavy abrasion occurs during end use, the antimicrobial additive will never lose its efficacy, unlike antimicrobial surface coatings.”

King MediGrade® is a perfect material for cabinetry, case goods, clean rooms, dental facilities, hospitals, locker rooms, medical facilities, laboratories, nursing homes, nurses’ stations, rest rooms, medical computer carts, and veterinary facilities.

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About King Plastic Corporation
Founded in 1968, King Plastic Corporation is a leading manufacturer of quality polymer sheets, slabs and massive shapes – including several products pioneered by the company. Its polymers are sold worldwide through a network of plastics distributors and markets in marine, architectural, healthcare, signage, industrial, food service and many other markets. The company headquarters is a 250,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in North Port, FL.

*For bacteriostatic, fungistatic, & algistatic properties. This product is exempt from registration under 40 CFR 152.25(a). King MediGrade® effectiveness verified by ISO and ASTM standards. This product does not protect users or others from disease-causing bacteria. Always clean this product thoroughly after use.