Prop 65, REACH, and RoHS

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Prop 65 Letter – Regarding King Plastic Corporation’s products and the State of California Proposition 65 reporting requirements.

REACH Letter – Regarding King Plastic Corporation’s products and the REACH reporting requirements.

RoHS Letter – Regarding King Plastic Corporation’s products and the RoHS reporting requirements.


How do you clean King StarBoard® polymer products?

Cleaning components, parts and accessories made with King StarBoard® outdoor polymers is very simple:

  • To clean everyday dirt and stains, use a cleaner such as Soft Scrub® and a nylon scrubby or stiff nylon brush. Scrub lightly; excess force can mar the finish.
  • Persistent stains will usually go away if you soak the area with bleach (do not use 100% chlorine as used to treat swimming pools) and/or use a pressure washer.
  • Also, stains and marks have been successfully removed with the following branded products: Goof Off®, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser®, GOJO Orange Pumice Hand Cleaner and Simple Green.
  • To clean a petroleum stain such as grease or oil, use a citrus cleaner, alcohol or mineral spirits.
  • In severe cases, spray petroleum-based stains with WD40®. Then use toluene or acetone and a white nylon scrub pad (colored pads release staining dyes when combined with acetone).
  • Do not use MEK, turpentine or naphtha solvent.
  • If a mark or stain won’t come out, you may lightly sand the area. Be careful and only work on the stained area because sanding will remove the matte finish.
  • Any high-quality silicone marine caulk works well to replace old or worn caulking. Before caulking, the surface should be prepared by abrading it with a medium-grit sandpaper, then cleaning it with acetone, toluene or alcohol.

Does King StarBoard® expand and contract?

Yes, at a rate of 6×10-5 in./degree F, changing approximately 1/32 inch for every foot of length or width over a 40-degree temperature change.

Expansion_Contraction Worksheet

How can consumers obtain King StarBoard® products?

The complete family of King StarBoard® products may be ordered in full sheets through your local boatyard or marina and in partial sheets from retail marine stores. Contact our inside sales team at 941-493-5502 or email us for details. Most distributors of King Plastic Corporation will sell direct to consumers, and if required can advise on local fabricators.

Can manufacturers buy directly from King Plastic Corporation?

King Plastic Corporation’s products are available worldwide through a network of leading plastics distributors.
Please contact us at at 941-493-5502 or email us for details and we will help you establish an appropriate arrangement.

Is King StarBoard FDA approved?


What King Plastic Products are RoHS compliant?

King StarBoard®, King StarBoard® AS, King StarBoard® XL, King StarLite® XL, King StarBoard® ST, King ColorBoard®, King ColorCore®, King CuttingBoard®, King CuttingBoard® XL, KingCuttingColors®, King PipeGrade®, King Hy-Pact®, King KPC HDPE, King KPC LDPE, King KPC ABS.

RoHS Statement

Do you have a minimum dollar amount per order?

Minimum order amount is $250. There will be an additional small order charge for orders under 500 lbs.

How do I locate a distributor in my area?

Try our online distributor locator, contact us directly at 941-493-5502 or email us for details..
There are many factors to consider when choosing a distribution partner.
The King Plastic Corp. inside sales team excels at helping customers establish win-win distribution relationships.

What ZIP code does my material ship from?

Materials may ship from North Port, Florida 34288 or Medford, OR 97501 and also from your local distributor.

Is ABS FDA approved?

King Plastic Corporation stocks FDA-approved natural ABS material. FDA-approved white, black and custom colors are available as special-order items.

What sealants and adhesives are recommended for King StarBoard?

BoatLIFE® LifeCaulk® works well to replace old or worn caulking. Before caulking, the surface should be prepared by abrading it with medium-grit sandpaper, then cleaning it with acetone, toluene or alcohol.

King StarBoard®, King StarBoard®  ST, King ColorCore®, King ColorBoard® and King CuttingBoard® can not be glued using standard adhesives. Products like 3M’s 5200 work well as a water sealing caulk but will not adhere King StarBoard® to itself or other materials in a permanent bond.  It is preferable to mechanically fasten or weld King StarBoard®, but when an adhesive is necessary you can use a product called Chem-Set™ 6105 Polyolefin Bonder, Lord 7542-AB, or 3M’s Scotch-Weld DP-8005.  We do not represent these products, or make any claims about their abilities or accept liability for them.

Can adhesives be used to bond King StarBoard®?

We are frequently asked how to apply and use adhesives with our products.  We want to remind you that generally, bonding polyethylene with adhesives does not result in a permanent structural bond, like mechanical fastening or welding. Please determine the suitability of using an adhesive yourself with proper testing.

Again, we do not represent these products, or make any claims about their abilities or accept liability for them.

  • If you need to use an adhesion process, make sure you have everything you need for the treating.
  • A sheet of one hundred and twenty-grit sandpaper.
  • A cleaning solvent such as Acetone, Toluene or Alcohol, and a propane torch
  • Your selected adhesive of choice and appropriate clamps to secure the bonded parts without damaging the finish of the King StarBoard®.
  • Proper surface preparation of your polymer is critical when using adhesives.
  • First, lightly sand the King StarBoard surfaces to be bonded with one hundred and twenty grit sandpaper. Now, clean the surface with a solvent, such as Acetone, Tolulene or Alcohol. Allow solvent to fully evaporate. Move solvent and other flammable liquids and materials away from work area.
  • Following the operating cautions of your propane torch, ignite the flame.
  • Working in a safe and well-ventilated area, hold the torch so the flame is approximately one to two inches (or two and a half to five centimeters) away and the blue, oxidizing portion of the flame is on the King StarBoard surface to be bonded. Pass the flame over the surface at a rate of approximately twelve inches (or thirty centimeters) per three seconds.
  • Total time the material should be exposed to the flame should be two to three seconds, about one half second per stroke.
  • This light exposure should not deform or melt the polymer in any way. You may see a “shadowing” effect as the flame passes across the surface, this is normal.
  • Make sure to let the polymer cool before proceeding.
  • Test the effectiveness of your flame treatment of the surface by wetting it with water.
  • If the water beads up like on the surface of a freshly waxed car, the treatment was not effective. If the water “sheets” or lays flat on the surface, like on an un-waxed car, the treatment was effective and the surface is ready for bonding. If you are unsure if the surface is ready, compare the water’s action on treated area with the untreated area.
  • For the best adhesion, bond the product within thirty minutes of treatment as the flame treatment is temporary and declines in effectiveness with time. If you get interrupted and cannot complete the bonding within an hour or two then you should re-treat the surface again before proceeding.
  • Then following the instructions from the adhesive manufacturer apply the glue evenly to the surface in a back and forth motion, generally hold back from spreading the adhesive all the way to the edge to avoid making a mess.
  • Apply the pieces to be bonded together, making sure they are positioned correctly then lightly clamp in place.  Ideally wipe off any excess adhesive that may have squeezed out before it cures.
  • Let the bond cure for the manufacturers recommended time frame before removing the clamps.

Does King Plastic Corporation produce rods or tubing?

King Plastic Corporation specializes in polymer sheets, slabs and massive shapes.
Many of our distributors carry rods and tubing from other manufacturers. You may ask us for a referral.

What are the thinnest Polypropylene & ABS sheets produced by King Plastic Corporation?

King Plastic Corporation stocks King KPC Polypropylene from 1/8 inch and King KPC ABS from 3/8 inch.

Are the King CuttingBoard® products environmentally stabilized?

King CuttingBoard® and King CuttingColors® sheets are designed for indoor use and are not environmentally stabilized.
King StarBoard branded products are FDA-approved and environmentally stabilized, making them ideal for outdoor food preparation installations.

Can King StarBoard® be painted?

No. Even polyurethanes will not hold to the material for very long.
King StarBoard® is available in a wide range of colors to complement most common gel coat colors.

Is King StarBoard® as strong as marine plywood?

There are many types of marine plywood. The better ones are stronger than King StarBoard®.

What type of tools should I use?

King StarBoard® is easily machined using standard woodworking tools. Download King Plastic Works like Wood (PDF) for details.

Is there an easy way to reverse sheet “pinking/yellowing” or discoloration?

Color Changes in Polyethylene

Pinking, yellowing, discoloring, and gas fading are different names that describe color changes in polyethylene. These color changes are generally associated with the over-oxidation of the phenolic antioxidant that is added to the resin to protect and stabilize it during processing and use. The condition is strictly cosmetic and does not adversely affect the physical properties of the material. To reverse and remove the pinking condition, expose the material to U.V. for approximately 40 minutes. See Pinking Bulletin for details and prevention instructions.

King StarBoard® AS is wrapped in a reusable plastic sheet during storage. The plastic wrap will be on skids containing light colors or a mix of light and dark colors and is not necessary on skids only containing Black or Charcoal Gray sheets. Please maintain the plastic wrap while the King StarBoard® AS sheets are in inventory as added protection and, whenever possible, the plastic wrap should be shipped to the end-user, too. The skids will be identified with a blue end label as shown below. As a further precaution, we advise storing King StarBoard® AS in well-ventilated areas of warehouses and not in areas where exhaust from fossil fuel-fired equipment can accumulate.

King StarBoard® AS Packaging