How do you clean King StarBoard® polymer products?

Cleaning components, parts and accessories made with King StarBoard® outdoor polymers is very simple:

  • To clean everyday dirt and stains, use a cleaner such as Soft Scrub® and a nylon scrubby or stiff nylon brush. Scrub lightly; excess force can mar the finish.
  • Persistent stains will usually go away if you soak the area with bleach (do not use 100% chlorine as used to treat swimming pools) and/or use a pressure washer.
  • Also, stains and marks have been successfully removed with the following branded products: Goof Off®, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser®, GOJO Orange Pumice Hand Cleaner and Simple Green.
  • To clean a petroleum stain such as grease or oil, use a citrus cleaner, alcohol or mineral spirits.
  • In severe cases, spray petroleum-based stains with WD40®. Then use toluene or acetone and a white nylon scrub pad (colored pads release staining dyes when combined with acetone).
  • Do not use MEK, turpentine or naphtha solvent.
  • If a mark or stain won’t come out, you may lightly sand the area. Be careful and only work on the stained area because sanding will remove the matte finish.
  • Any high-quality silicone marine caulk works well to replace old or worn caulking. Before caulking, the surface should be prepared by abrading it with a medium-grit sandpaper, then cleaning it with acetone, toluene or alcohol.
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