King Plastic Corporation HDPE products with King FlameShield are improved in physical properties and cost effective compared to competing materials. We offer a Class A upgrade that improves the material’s overall physical properties to be more resistant to burning under flammable conditions.

ASTM E-84 is the primary standard used worldwide for contractors, architects and engineers to improve product quality and enhance safety. Additional details are available at

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Physical Properties
Properties Units ASTM Nominal Values
Density g/cc D1505 1.04
Tensile Strength @ Break psi D638 1,170
Tensile Strength @ Yield psi D638 3,780
Tensile Modulus of Elasticity psi D638 183,000
Elongation @ Break % D683 53
Elongation @ Yield % D638 8.6
Flexural Modulus psi D790 179,000
Flexural Stress @ 5% Strain psi D790 4,330
Durometer Shore D D2240 71
Vicat Softening Temp. ºC (ºF)  D1525 129ºC (264ºF)
Heat Deflection Temp. 66 psi ºC (ºF)  D648 86.6ºC (188ºF)
Thermal Expansion in./in./ºF D696 6 x 10-5
Units ASTM Class A
Surface Burning Characteristics  FSI & SDI E84 20 & 60
Surface Burning Characteristics  FSV & SDV ULC-S102 20 & 65

*All values are determined on specimens prepared according to ASTM standards.

Nominal values should not be interpreted as specifications.

For ASTM E-84 Class B, please call customer service.

Tolerance information:
Please refer to specific product information

Disclaimer: FlameShield will affect finish and color


Additional Information

Class A Interior Finish:

Flame Spread Index 0-25, Smoke Developed Index 0-450. Includes any material classified at 25 or less on the flame spread test scale and 450 or less on the smoke developed test scale. Any element thereof when so tested shall not continue to propagate fire.