Austin Custom CNC Review of King ColorCore®

Fabricator gives a review on using King ColorCore®

Transcript from video:

Check this out. This is my favorite new material. It’s called [King] ColorCore® by a company called King Plastic, and this stuff is amazing. You can see here [that] it cuts like butter. It’s super crisp and the best part about it is there’s zero finishing required. You take this off the CNC and it’s ready to go. It’s a product that’s totally stable outdoors and it’ll last forever. No finishing, no painting because it has a .05 veneer of whatever color you want. It comes in some standard colors. And you can, if you have a really large order of thousands of pounds, you can get custom colors as well… but certainly with standard colors. Once you engrave, you expose whatever the interior color is. Now the obvious use for this is [for] signs, which is what you see me doing here. But I’m really excited about the potential for doing much more creative things. Everything from furniture to art. Somebody actually, I’m not sure who this was, but the manufacturer’s rep sent me this image of a Miami parking garage where they did an entire facade with some really cool engraved [King] ColorCore® and I think this is just the tip of the iceberg with what you can do with this. It’s about 350 dollars for a three-quarter sheet. They also offer one-half inch and one, quarter inch. And this company also offers the solid colors which are often used for playscapes and things like that, [which] are a little bit less expensive as well. So check it out, I think this could be an especially good option for landscape architects and interior designers who want to do something a little bit different and a little bit more interesting. I’m especially curious if anyone can think of a project that would warrant about 3,000 pounds of neon colors because I just really want that. And finally, if you want to learn more about [King] ColorCore® or any other material, I recommend going to our website and at the top, there’s a link to a materials database where we keep this material as well as some rough pricing and suppliers at least for Austin. All right thanks for watching.

PSI Outdoor uses King StarBoard® ST and King ColorCore®


Our company, PSI Outdoor, uses King StarBoard® ST and King ColorCore® as our primary fabrication material. Municipality and Home Owners Association project managers understand the importance of products that can stand up to environmental challenges. This is a photo of an order for receptacle lids, fabricated to fit existing concrete receptacles in the City of San Clemente, CA. These lids replace rusted metal lids.

Rick Wilson
PSI Outdoor

PSI Outdoor Receptacle Lids PSI Outdoor Receptacle Lids PSI Outdoor Receptacle Lids

King StarBoard® – Flood Damage Control During Hurricane Irma


My house is located on Trout River in Jacksonville, Florida. We were experiencing flood conditions during a nor’easter and the approach of Hurricane Irma. As Hurricane Irma was leaving the area, we received a storm surge with massive flooding throughout. Water came up over my bulkhead, submerged my dock and flooded the yard. Water was continuing to rise with several hours left until the high tide and we were doomed to have water enter the house. At this point the house was completely surrounded by water, we watched as water was inches from entering the house and water was starting to enter the garage.

In a last-ditch attempt, I used a piece of ½” King StarBoard® that was 2’ x 7’ and cut it to fit between my doorjambs on my back door. I used two tubes of latex caulking and caulked the perimeter, put the board in place and then covered the caulking and board with foil tape. I did this all while standing in calf-high water, watching waves over my back shoulder approach the house. I climbed into the house through a window. We sealed up the French doors and put towels at the base right as waves were starting to hit the King StarBoard® dam. By the grace of God, King StarBoard® prevented waves from entering my house.

If it wasn’t for the quick MacGyver-like thinking, and having a piece of King StarBoard® in my garage, I would be taking up my wood floors and drywall as we speak. We are extremely fortunate to not have flooding inside the house. I am so thankful I came up with the idea and used your product in a disaster situation. I know King StarBoard® material is very expensive, but in this case, it’s worth its weight in gold.

Joseph Tooker
Jacksonville, Florida
Testimonial King StarBoard® Flooding

Fish Cleaning Tables Made with King StarBoard®


We have been using King StarBoard® to build our fish cleaning stations since we started making them over 8 years ago. We find it easy to work with, and it contributes to the high quality of the tables we make. Our customers recognize the King StarBoard® name, and know that we use superior materials to make the finest tables.

Marina Products & Equipment

Niagra Fish Table Made with King StarBoard® - Click to View Larger Image Fish Table Photo - Click to View Larger Image Photo of Fish Cleaning Table Attached to Dock - Click to View Larger Image Photo of Fish Cleaning Table with Sink - Click to View Larger Image

Using King StarBoard® to Replace Old Wood Panels on Boat

King StarBoard® is a great product to replace old warped wood panels on a boat. It is easy to cut and sand, and the finished project comes out looking professional. This panel will go on my twenty foot open cockpit walk around boat. This is the fifth project that I have used King StarBoard® and now one more for the port side. Thanks for the product and your help!

William Swope
Perkasie, PA

King StarBoard Before After

Top Photo: Old Warped Wood Panel
Bottom Photo: New Replacement Panel Fabricated out of King StarBoard®

Cam Components

Hutchinson HouseI just wanted to thank you and everyone at King Plastic for posting the King ColorCore® Tan/Brown/Tan “Hutchinson House” sign photo on your great website. We really enjoy working with King ColorCore® material. The product is always our first choice when recommending a material for sign applications.

Best Regards,

John Welling
CAM Color-Carved Signs

Customers Prefer

“King StarBoard® has replaced teak and mica as a standard material on our yachts…Customers prefer King StarBoard® because it hold up so much better to sea water and constant hose down…King StarBoard® is more durable, lighter, looks more modern and actually makes the boat look bigger.”

Jack Robertson
Regional Sales Manager,
Blackfin Yachts

Great New King StarBoard® Doors


I finished the doors and wanted to forward a picture, I think they look great and made the interior look more modern. On to the next project!
I appreciate the help.

Don Hudspeth
Findlay Roofing and Renovations

With King StarBoard® you quickly realize the applications are limitless!

“There are many reasons why King StarBoard® has essentially made wood boat component parts obsolete. It is easier to work with, more durable, requires less maintenance and nowadays is significantly less expensive than many wood alternatives.”

“Customers are always thrilled to hear they can use standard woodworking tools on King StarBoard®. It is very common to see people purchase a piece of starboard and come back a week later looking for more. Once you’ve completed one project with King StarBoard® you quickly realize the applications are limitless!”

Andrew Brown –

No material has shown the consistency and durability of King StarBoard®

“As one of the leading end users of HDPE sheet in the marine industry we have been introduced to many plastic alternatives throughout the years. No material has shown the consistency and durability of King StarBoard®”.

Pat Brown – President Teak Isle

The Ultimate Experience in Outdoor Living!

Custom-Made and Designed to Meet your Vision

By Jennifer Briggs

Being outdoors is part of our lifestyle, and what better way to spend a relaxing weekend than having hors d’oeuvres or barbeque made in a beautiful kitchen on your outside patio! “Elite Outdoor Kitchens and Design can create this outdoor experience and lifestyle for you,” says Rita Pogany, co-owner of the company for the last four years.

“We design and manufacture kitchens that complement your lifestyle and create an extension of your indoor living space,” explains Rita. “We offer outdoor kitchens, bars, and fireplaces that are environmentally friendly, maintenance free, and last a life time. Our customers are pleased that we can provide appliances in our designing and installation process, as well.” Options for your new kitchen include utility cabinets and warming drawers, side burner systems, and professional grills. Add a refrigerator and ice machine, and you’re ready for a party! “You can also watch your favorite game on a TV housed in a custom-made outdoor television box that protects it from the elements,” adds Rita.

Cabinets are custom-made and designed to meet your vision. “We will update your existing kitchens or create one from your ideas and plans,” reveals Rita. “We take care of everything from start to finish so that our customers can rest easy while we do all the work.”

Elite Outdoor Kitchens and Design manufactures and installs kitchens in private homes, commercial areas, and beachfront properties; and, they are specially built to weather the climate. “Our cabinetry is manufactured using King StarBoard® ST, a premium marine-grade polymer that is waterproof, weatherproof and will not rot, chip, collect mold, or mildew,” says Rita. “It also carries a lifetime guarantee.”

Rita explains, “For the customer that enjoys a stucco look, we are able to build stucco or stone kitchens complemented with either stainless steel cabinetry or custom made polymer cabinets. We have something for every one’s taste.” Elite Outdoor Kitchens and Design takes pride in service, creativity, and great attention to detail. Upon meeting a prospective client, they will share ideas, show examples, gather measurements, and listen intently to the client’s wants and needs. It is then that the one-of-a-kind kitchen begins its journey from an idea to an outdoor living space to be enjoyed by the homeowner. “Since we work on your kitchen like it were our own,” shares Rita “we are committed to servicing and satisfying our customers.” When you think of creating your outdoor living space with a beautiful, functional kitchen, call Elite Outdoor Kitchens and Design. “The possibilities are endless,” says Rita.

GNG Construction

Being a custom home builder of  waterfront homes for over twenty years, we are constantly trying to come up with products that will withstand the elements better for our outdoor kitchens.  I have tried all types of wood and plywood and have since determined that King StarBoard® ST will withstand the elements and is far superior to any other material I have tried.  You can use this material for all your outdoor cabinetry needs with the utmost of confidence.  Your callbacks will be over.

Gary Graber, President
GNG Construction, Inc.