King MediGrade®

Architects & Designers: Why Spec King MediGrade®?

King MediGrade® is The Antimicrobial Polymer Building Sheet for Healthcare Applications

King MediGrade® is a super tough polymer building sheet with an advanced antimicrobial technology for protecting the product surface against stain and odor causing bacteria, algae and fungi.  The antimicrobial agent is bonded at the molecular level and will not leach out of the product. Unlike surface antimicrobials, King Plastic’s advanced antimicrobial technology protects against bacterial degradation for the lifetime of the product. Healthcare facilities, medical equipment and case goods made with King MediGrade® will stay cleaner and fresher between cleanings. Studies have shown that surfaces with the antimicrobial technology can inhibit the amount of certain product-damaging bacteria by 99.9999%* compared to an untreated surface.

Features and Benefits

  • Durable Polymer Building Sheet That Lasts a Lifetime
  • Environmentally Safe, and Qualifies for LEED® Points
  • Physically Disrupts the Microbe’s Membrane Cell
  • Custom Sheet Sizes, Gauges and Colors Available
  • Easy to Fabricate Using Standard Woodworking Tools
  • Distributed World Wide


  • Cabinetry and Storage Carts
  • Clean Rooms
  • Dental Facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Locker Rooms
  • Medical Facilities
  • Medical Laboratories
  • Mobile Computer Carts
  • Nursing Homes
  • Nurses Stations
  • Rest Rooms
  • Veterinary Facilities

See application photos and learn more by visiting the King MediGrade® page.

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*For bacteriostatic, fungistatic, & algistatic properties. This product is exempt from registration under 40 CFR 152.25(a). King MediGrade™ effectiveness verified by ISO and ASTM standards. This product does not protect users or others from disease-causing bacteria. Always clean this product thoroughly after use.


There’s a Little Green in Every Color

Going green with King Plastic Polymer SheetsWhen producing our products, King Plastic uses processes that are non-polluting and conserve energy and natural resources, making it economically sound and safe for employees, communities and consumers. The polymers are completely recyclable and left over materials are recycled back into our products. When cutting or fabricating, there is no harmful dust, but instead small shavings that are recyclable. It contains no known harmful substances, including carcinogens or toxins. Off-gassing does not occur when the sheets are cut and fabricated. It is not necessary to use acids or harsh chemicals for finishing, cleaning, or maintenance. The outstanding durability of products made using our sheets maximizes product life cycles thus reducing the overall impact on our environment.

King Plastic Colorfast Environmentally Friendly Polymer Sheets

King’s polymer sheets stand up to thousands of uses and keep your bright ideas looking bright for years.  King ColorCore® and King ColorBoard® polymer sheets are the versatile, durable and colorfast to provide that competitive edge in your business you’re looking for. Both polymer brands are UV stabilized and waterproof for a lifetime of worry-free use in harsh outdoor environments. King ColorCore® and King ColorBoard® are also available in several gauges and a variety of matched colors. King ColorCore® unique PolyFusion™ process is a state-of-the-art technology that fuses contrasting layers of colors into a single homogeneous sheet. It is ideal for engraving to make indoor and outdoor signs, as a building sheet for playgrounds, and other recreational and industrial applications.

Using King products may qualify you for LEED Green building rate points.

For additional information, details and technical information please call King Plastic Corporation at 941-493-5502 or send us an email.