King StarBoard®, King StarBoard® ST, King ColorBoard®, King ColorCore®, and other King Plastic HDPE products

We are frequently asked how to apply and use adhesives with our products.  We want to remind you that generally, bonding polyethylene with adhesives does not result in a permanent structural bond, like mechanical fastening or welding. Please determine the suitability of using an adhesive yourself with proper testing.
We do not represent the following products, make any claims about their abilities or accept liability for them.

Using Adhesives

Tip #1

Adhesives do not result in a permanent structural bond. It is preferable to mechanically fasten or weld.

Using Adhesives

Tip #2

When an adhesive is necessary, you can use a product such as the following:
Lord 7542-AB
3M\’s Scotch-Weld DP-8005
Chem-Set™ 6105 Polyolefin Bonder

Using Adhesives

Tip #3

Make sure you have everything you need for the flame treatment:
A sheet of one hundred and twenty-grit sandpaper
A cleaning solvent such as Acetone, Toluene or Alcohol
A propane torch
Your selected adhesive of choice
Appropriate clamps to secure the bonded parts without damaging the finish of the King StarBoard® material

Tip #4

Proper surface preparation of your polymer is critical when using adhesives.

Video Tutorial Below

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