King Plastic’s Colorful Solutions Elevate the Back to School Vibes

Museums – Kidspace Children’s Museum, Discovery Place Science, and Kentucky Science Center made with multiple products including King ColorBoard®, and King StarBoard®.

Science exhibitions, playgrounds, signage, and lockers made with King ColorBoard® and King ColorCore®

As summer days wind down and the new school year begins, it’s the perfect time to appreciate how King Plastic Corporation’s popular King ColorBoard® and King ColorCore® products enhance adventures through colorful, durable, and long-lasting quality applications. From vibrant science exhibitions, signs, and playgrounds, to waterproof lockers the versatile materials offer endless possibilities for your imagination to run wild.

Adding a Splash of Color to Playground Creativity

Playgrounds – Playhouse at Theme Park made with King ColorBoard®, Sand Castles playground made with King ColorCore®, and Climbing Wall made with King ColorBoard®. 

When it comes to making a statement, nothing beats the eye-catching brilliance of King ColorBoard® and King ColorCore®. The product brands are designed to complement each other. With a spectrum of bright primary colors, applications ranging from educational to recreational will elevate and encourage children’s imaginations. 

Make a Visual Impact While Helping Students Navigate Campus

Left Image: North Port High School replaced old directional signs (before photo on left) with durable material to withstand the harsh Florida weather. The new signs made with King ColorCore® (after photo on the right) are environmentally stabilized and will last a lifetime. Right Image: Venice High School’s Lady Indian Volleyball team sign is made with King ColorCore® in Green/White/Green. Available in 18 standard color combinations making it easy to match a variety of school colors. Custom colors available.

Guide eager minds around the campus, King ColorCore® stands as the go-to choice for those who value durability and visual impact. Its high-impact strength ensures longevity, making it a prime selection for outdoor settings where harsh weather is inevitable and durability is essential.

When School Locker Solutions Demand Waterproof Reliability

For those seeking a multi-color, waterproof polymer sheet to proudly display your school’s logo, King ColorCore® steps onto the stage. Its thin cap layers offer a unique advantage to projects because the polymer sheets are easy to engrave. As a prime candidate for signage creation, marine applications, and locker room installations, King ColorCore® continues to establish itself as a versatile player in the field of problem-solving construction along with its sister products as the coordination between King ColorCore®, King ColorBoard®, and King StarBoard® ST extends a cohesive palette that harmonizes projects across the board.

Waterproof School Lockers

Left: Youngstown State University Swimming and Diving Team Lockers made with King ColorBoard® and King ColorCore®. Right:  Liberty University Lockers Made with King StarBoard® ST in a custom blue.

Unparalleled Advantages: A Material Unlike Any Other

King Plastic’s commitment to innovation and quality is reflected in the products it makes. Unlike traditional materials, these polymer sheets eliminate the need for constant upkeep. Say goodbye to painting and refinishing; the vibrant colors are solid and UV stabilized throughout the material thanks to its quality manufacturing process, ensuring long-lasting brilliance without fading. The ease of fabrication using common woodworking tools and techniques empowers both professionals and DIY enthusiasts to bring their visions to life seamlessly. With a cap layer that is approximately .050” thick, engraving and machining become an easy process, allowing you to add intricate details effortlessly.

Crafting a Colorful Tomorrow with King Plastic

As the school season beckons, there’s no better time to embrace the quality of King ColorBoard® and King ColorCore®. The exceptional polymer sheets redefine creativity and functionality, offering a platform for projects that demand durability, vibrancy, and versatility. Whether you’re looking to invigorate a museum, playground, locker room, cafeteria, directional signs, or an enthusiast ready to embark on DIY endeavors, King Plastic Corporation’s products are the ideal companions! So here’s to an innovative school year where you can unleash your imagination, transform your surroundings, and experience the remarkable solutions from King Plastic product brands.

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