The new King Hy-Pact® ad campaign “Innovation Never Tasted So Sweet” can be found in the next edition of PD&F Magazine, Packaging World, and IAPD Magazine.

Innovation Never Tasted So Sweet - New King Hy-Pact® Ad Campaign

King Hy-Pact® combined the UV stabilization of HDPE and the superior impact resistance of UHMW to create a durable, economical material that can be used for wear guides and machine parts in the food processing and packaging industry. Meet the new King Hy-Pact®.

King Hy-Pact® is the super tough industrial polymer sheet that helps the food processing and packaging industry see improved efficiency and performance. Machine parts made with King Hy-Pact® operate clean without contamination, lubricants, rust or corrosion. The material is easy to clean and resistant to harsh chemicals.

King Hy-Pact® Food Processing and Packaging Video Watch Now.