How To CNC & Fabricate Polymer Guides and Videos


CNC Quick Fact Sheet

King Plastic’s polymer sheets can be easily fabricated with a CNC machine. Tool manufacturers, such as Onsrud and Vortex, classify King Plastic’s material as ‘soft plastic’ in their catalogs and information. This is important because the geometry of the bit changes given the material it is intended to cut. Read King Plastic’s recommendations on CNC bits for plastic, how to achieve quality cuts, and how to reduce swirl marks in the CNC Quick Fact Sheet.
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KingInformation Guide for Tools and Fabrication Techniques

King Plastic Corporation’s polymer sheets work like wood and can be easily fabricated using standard woodworking tools. The new fabrication guide includes general tooling information, CNC guidelines, cleaning and general care information.

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King Plastic – General CNC Tips and Techniques

The video is about general CNC tips and techniques for King Plastic products.

King DuraStyle® Custom Cabinet Door Program

This video is about the King DuraStyle® Custom Cabinet Door Program, a CNC door and panel fabrication program  designed to help cabinet makers and installers take advantage of exciting new business opportunities in the fast-growing residential, outdoor living category, and commercial markets, thanks to a super-tough polymer sheet stock called King StarBoard® ST.

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