King MicroShield®  polymer sheets use the latest technology for protecting the product surface against stain and odor causing bacteria, algae and fungi.

Disclaimer: This product does not protect users or others against disease-causing bacteria. Always clean this product thoroughly after each use.


Antimicrobial Performance Chart Web

Physical Properties
PropertiesUnitsASTMNominal Values
Tensile Strength @ YieldpsiD638>4,500
Tensile ModuluspsiD638318,000
Elongation @ Break%D638>600
Elongation @ Yield%D6388.8
Flexural ModuluspsiD790225,000
Flexural Stress @ 5% StrainpsiD7904,480
Compressive Properties 10% StrainpsiD6954,790
DurometerShore DD224069
Tensile Impactft.lbs./in.2D182299
Izod Impact Resistanceft.lbs./in.2 D2561.4
Brittleness Temp.ºC (ºF)D746<-75ºC (<-105ºF)
Vicat SofteningºC (ºF) D1525 172ºC (270ºF)
Heat Deflection Temp. 66 psiºC (ºF) D648 84ºC (183ºF)
Screw and Nail WithdrawallbsD1761755 & 55

*All values are determined on specimens prepared according to ASTM standards.
Nominal values should not be interpreted as specifications.
King StarBoard® ST is made entirely from FDA and made with USDA approved materials.
King StarBoard® STMS meets ASTM D4976.
King StarBoard® STMS contains no VOC’s.

Additional Information
Our Antimicrobial
Silane Based
Silver BasedTriclosan Based
Mode of ActionPhysically ruptures the cell membraneReleases ionic free radicals that react with cell DNA and disrupt the critical life processes in the cellReleases toxic bischlorinated phenol (PBC) for consumption or cellular absorption, causing
lethal mutations in the cell
Bleeding onto the user, into the water,
and into the environment
Does not leach or migrateLeaches for its mode of action. Must Leach to work.Leaches for its mode of action. Must Leach to work.
DurabilityPermanentService life 1-3 yearsService life 1-3 years
CostEconomicalThe cost of silver is highIntermediate
EffectivenessBacteria, fungi and algae, that cause stain and odorsAction variable based on concentration and test or use conditionsAction variable based on concentration and test or use conditions
Log Reduction
(1-6, 1 being the
lowest, 6 being the highest)
4 on 24 hour test & 2 hour test1-2 on a 24 hour test2 on a 24 hour test
DistributionWorld wideVaries by companyNot accepted or available in certain areas of the world