King Plasti-Shield® is a borated polyethylene neutron shielding material. It is the product of a proprietary process called K-Stran™, the most advanced manufacturing process for superior flatness and consistency of 1” thick. Custom sheets, blocks and slabs can be made as a special order in the compression mold or extrusion mold. King Plasti-Shield® has a smooth finish on both sides of the sheet. It is made with 5% boron by weight and our trademark purple color. It is also available in 2% boron by weight in red as a special order. King Plasti-Shield® is an effective shielding material to meet all applicable applications for healthcare cancer treatment centers, diagnostic and hospital facilities. Applications include linear accelerators, nuclear or radiation shielding, industrial use, security such as seaports and airport security, nuclear submarines, nuclear power plants, border protection and other applications requiring attenuation of thermal neutrons. The polymer sheet never needs painting or refinishing, works like wood and it is easy to fabricate using common woodworking tools and techniques.

Our process, materials, quality programs, sampling, testing, tracing and packaging all meet or exceed military specifications such as MIL-P-23536A and EB2562E with 2% boron only. We use MIL-STD-45662 for internal calibration system traceable back to NIST.

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Standard Sheet Size

in: 48″ x 96″
mm: 1219mm x 2438.4mm

Standard Gauge

in: 1″
mm: 25.4mm

Approximate Weight

lbs: 174 lbs
kg: 78.925kg

Tolerance Information:


Gauge 1” ± 5% | Length and width plus only at room temperature


Custom sheets, blocks and slabs available in standard or custom colors

Physical Properties
Properties Units ASTM Nominal Values
Density (5% Borated) g/cc D1505 0.98
Tensile Strength @ Yield p.s.i. D638 3,960
Durometer Shore D D2240 66
Vicat Softening ºC (ºF) D1525 89ºC (192ºF)

*All values are determined on specimens prepared according to ASTM Standards.
Thickness required to attenuate a neutron beam by a factor of 10. m

Material Density Thickness
Water 1.0 8.8″
Concrete 2.4 9.6″
HD Concrete 3.5 9.6″
Iron 7.9 5.7″
Lead 11.3 7.8″
King Plasti-Shield 5% 1.04 8.0″

Custom and proprietary colors available with appropriate minimum order.

Nominal values should not be interpreted as specifications.


Additional Information

Our Capabilities for 2% Boron Include

  • Approved suppliers for all raw materials
  • Test for Hydrogen Density to verify correct level
  • Fluoroscopic X-Ray machine to check for voids and foreign materials
  • Performing all packaging and shipping requirements
  • Lab reports and certifications available for a fee
  • 100% visual inspections performed on all material
  • Systems in place to handle the use of NO-FORN documents and have been approved for use in military critical technical data
  • Meeting military specifications such as MIL-P23536A and EB2562E
  • Approved sampling plan in accordance with MIL-STD-105 with AQL of 0.4%
  • Performing all marking of material for traceability in accordance with MIL-STD-792
  • We use MIL-STD-45662 for internal calibration system traceable back to NIST