King StarBoard® AS is an anti-skid, marine-grade, high-density polyethylene sheet. It is the product of a proprietary process called K-Stran™, the most advanced manufacturing process for superior flatness and consistency. King StarBoard® AS has a dot or diamond pattern on one side of the sheet and a matte finish on the other side. The special, high-friction anti-skid surface helps prevent slipping and promotes drainage. It is environmentally stabilized to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions. King StarBoard® AS will not rust, delaminate or rot when exposed to UV, humidity or water. It is ideal for a variety of high-traffic marine applications from decking and swim platforms to ladder steps where traction is critical. For maximum versatility, standard colors are made to coordinate with the original King StarBoard®. The polymer sheet never needs painting or refinishing, works like wood, and is easy to fabricate with common woodworking tools and techniques.

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Standard Sheet Size

in: 54” x 96”
mm: 1371.6mm x 2438mm

Standard Gauges

in: 1/2” 3/4” 1”
mm: 12.7mm 19mm 25.4mm

Approximate Weight  54″ x 96″

lbs: 90 lbs 135 lbs 180 lbs
kg: 41kg 61kg 81.6kg

Tolerance information:
Gauges 1/2″ up to 1” ± 5% | Length and width plus only at room temperature

Custom sheet sizes, gauges and colors available

Physical Properties
Properties Units ASTM Nominal Values
Density g/cc D1505 0.96
Tensile Strength @ Yield psi D638 >4,100
Tensile Modulus psi D638 255,000
Elongation @ Break % D638 >600
Elongation @ Yield % D638 9.8
Flexural Modulus psi D790 185,000
Flexural Stress @ 5% Strain psi D790 3,810
Compressive Properties 10% Strain psi D695 4,000
Durometer Shore D D2240 66
Tensile Impact ft.lbs./in.2 D1822 115
Izod Impact Resistance ft.lbs./in.2  D256 1.1
Brittleness Temp. ºC (ºF) D746 <-76ºC (<-105ºF)
Vicat Softening Temp.  ºC (ºF)  D1525 123ºC (253ºF)
Heat Deflection Temp. 66 psi ºC (ºF)  D648  75ºC (167ºF)
Screw and Nail Withdrawal lbs D1761 657 & 63
Flammability Rating UL94 HB
Slip Resistance (wet) SCOF-Wet ANSI B101.1 0.84

*All values are determined on specimens prepared according to ASTM.
Nominal values should not be interpreted as specifications.
King StarBoard® AS is made entirely from FDA and USDA approved material.
King StarBoard® AS meets ASTM D4976.
The raw material used to make King StarBoard® AS does not contain BPA’s or Phthalates.



Additional Information

General Applications

  • Durable, sure-grip material for virtually every walk-on marine application.
  • Diamond or dot pattern on walking surface.
  • Standard King StarBoard® matte finish on reverse side.
  • Passes ASTM D2047 slip-resistant testing, scoring well above the industry requirement for ADA and OSHA.
  • Single homogeneous sheet will not rot or delaminate.
  • Available in large sheets 54” x 96”.
  • Custom sheet sizes available.
  • Available in eight King StarBoard colors to match or accent any gelcoat.
  • Unlimited custom/proprietary colors.
  • Precise tolerances ensure consistent color, thickness and density.
  • Environmentally stabilized for the harshest marine conditions.
  • Easy to clean and never needs refinishing.
  • Experienced boat builders and boaters know the King StarBoard® brand and trust it more than any other.

King StarBoard® AS is wrapped in a reusable plastic sheet during storage. The plastic wrap will be on skids containing light colors or a mix of light and dark colors and is not necessary on skids only containing Black or Charcoal Gray sheets. Please maintain the plastic wrap while the King StarBoard® AS sheets are in inventory as added protection and, whenever possible, the plastic wrap should be shipped to the end user, too. The skids will be identified with a blue end label as shown below. As a further precaution we advise storing King StarBoard® AS in well ventilated areas of warehouses and not in areas where exhaust from fossil fuel fired equipment can accumulate. See Color Changes in Polyolefins – Pinking

King StarBoard® AS Packaging