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King ColorCore® is a versatile, environmentally stabilized, waterproof, polymer sheet with multiple layers of contrasting colors. Its thin cap layers and bright colors make it ideal for signage and wayfinding. The sheets are easy to engrave and machine. King ColorCore comes in 18 standard color combinations, and complement many of King ColorBoard®’s colors.  King High Impact Polystyrene has great dimensional fortitude, is impact resilient, easily machined and very cost competitive. King Plastic’s polymer sheets are ideal for a variety of sign applications and point of purpose displays.

King ColorBoard®

King ColorBoard

King ColorBoard® is a colorful environmentally stabilized high-density polyethylene sheet.

King ColorCore®

King ColorCore

King ColorCore® is a versatile multi-color engravable high-density polyethylene sheet with multiple layers of contrasting colors.

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