When it comes to designing outdoor kitchens – color, style and durability are at the top of must have list. Choose from 9 style doors and 9 designer colors. Mix and match colors, inside and outside profile options to your specification.

Below are trending colors and styles for outdoor kitchen doors ordered through the King DuraStyle® Custom Cabinet Door Program.

King DuraStyle™ 2015 Trending Colors and Styles For Outdoor Kitchens

Door Styles include:
Monroe Premium
Camden Standard

Colors include:
Mocha Brown

Additional trending colors:
Charcoal Gray, White/White and Black

Select your styles by previewing the King DuraStyle® photo gallery.

About King DuraStyle® Custom Cabinet Door Program

You Build the Box. We Make The Doors.

King DuraStyle™ White/White For Outdoor Kitchens

King DuraStyle® Custom Cabinet Door Program combines King StarBoard® ST, the original environmentally stabilized polymer sheet with designer styles, and state-of-the-art CNC fabrication. The high-density polyethylene will not warp, rot or delaminate. King DuraStyle cabinets work as well inside as they do in outdoor areas where there may be water, high humidity and moisture. They will never need painting or re-finishing.

For questions about the King DuraStyle® Custom Cabinet Door Program, please contact us.

About King Plastic Corporation

King DuraStyle™ Mocha Brown For Outdoor Kitchens

King Plastic Corporation is a leading manufacturer of plastic sheets, slabs and massive shapes. Our products are sold worldwide through distributors. Find your nearest distributor today.

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